Essential Addons Enhancements to EA Advanced Data Table Widget

Essential Addons free added Ninja Tables integration for its Advanced Data Table and the pro version added Google Sheets and TablePress integration.  They have been working to make it easy to import data from your tables and display it using one of several styles.  Looking at the demos, this would be a ideal for making […]

Happy Addons Pro Adds New Chart and Graph Widgets And Extends Dynamic Tag Support

The Pro version of Happy Addons got a nice upgrade with the addition of Line Chart, Pie & Doughnut Chart, Radar Chart, and Polar Area Chart widgets.  These charts and graphs are attractive and come with a number of style and design options. Happy Addons has also added Dynamic Tag support for a large number […]

Elementor Adds New Experts Directory

Elementor recently added an Experts directory.  You can register as an expert or search for someone to help with your project.  You can filter experts by language, location, as well as by expertise, services and skills.  The lists of expertise, services, and skills may need to be refined, but the directory is still in beta.  […]

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