Elementor360 and Dynamic Content for Elementor Giveaway

Elementor360 is currently running a drawing to promote our newsletter.  Five winners will be chosen to win a license of the Dynamic Content for Elementor addon.  The Dynamic Content for Elementor addon has a lot of unique and useful functionality.  Two lifetime pro and three annual pro licenses are being given away.  You can enter […]

Tutorial on Using the Views Widget

I continue to discover new features in the Dynamic Content for Elementor addon. The Views widget acts as a sort of repeater to list content and includes some extra features, such as the ability to enable user filters. It has a number of potential uses and could be a go-to option for displaying content from […]

Elementor Pro 2.9.4 Security Update

Elementor released an important security update to prevent non-privileged users (non-admin accounts) from being able to upload files into the icons folder.  If you site allowed for user registration then a low level user could exploit this vulnerability to upload malware and take control of your site.  Users are urged to update immediately.

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