Issue 7

Elementor – New Template Kit

The Elementor design team released the third site template kit. This one is targeted to portfolio sites. These site kits are “complete websites” in that they provide common pages that are pre-designed. This template kit is very attractive and colorful…

Elementor Pro – New Pro Gallery Widget

Elementor released a new Pro Gallery widget with is a very nice gallery with a number of display options (tile, masonry, grid, justified). You can add multiple galleries and get a filter option as well. One thing that I noticed…

PowerPack for Elementor – New FAQ Widget

PowerPack is another Elementor addon that gets a frequent mention because they are regularly updating their product. The latest addition is a FAQ widget. You have the ability to manually enter your FAQ question and answers and style the display…

Crocoblock – New JetStyleManager Plugin

If you are a Crocoblock user then you are the owner of an plugin suite that just keeps giving. They introduced a new JetStyleManager plugin. It adds new “Editor Load Levels” settings of None, Low, Medium, Advanced, and Full. The…

Astra Pro 2.1

Astra Pro 2.1 was released with the major feature being the ability to move inline theme CSS to a separate CSS file. This should make it easier for browsers to cache and make page load faster.

Flexible Elementor Panel Walk-through

I did a walk-through of the Flexible Elementor Panel plugin. This doesn’t add widgets, but instead adds some nice quality of life enhancements to the Elementor editor. If you aren’t familiar with the plugin then checkout the article or video.