Elementor – New Template Kit

The Elementor design team released the third site template kit. This one is targeted to portfolio sites. These site kits are “complete websites” in that they provide common pages that are pre-designed. This template kit is very attractive and colorful and breaks out of the common template mold based on stock photos.

Astra Pro 2.1

Astra Pro 2.1 was released with the major feature being the ability to move inline theme CSS to a separate CSS file. This should make it easier for browsers to cache and make page load faster.

Unlimited Elements Widget Creator Tutorial ACF and Conditional Logic

I created an article and accompanying video where I used the Unlimited Elements Widget Creator. The Widget Creator is a feature of the Unlimited Elements addon pack. You need to know HTML and CSS, and maybe some JavaScript, depending on what you are trying to create. I created a simple sales banner that pulled the […]

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