Astra 3.0 Released with New Header and Footer Builder and Speed Improvements

Responding to Kadence and Blocksy, which support header and footer builders, the Astra team also added their own implementation.  I’ve heard that there are still some rough areas when, for example, loading an old starter site.  Astra 3 also has some speed improvements on the front-end and when working in the Customizer.

Astra Pro 2.1

Astra Pro 2.1 was released with the major feature being the ability to move inline theme CSS to a separate CSS file. This should make it easier for browsers to cache and make page load faster.

Astra and Elementor Tutorial on Responsive Breakpoints

Yours truly published a tutorial on coordinating Elementor and theme styles and breakpoints. I’ve seen several people ask in the Astra Facebook group about the theme’s breakpoints, so I found out and did some tests. In the tutorial I show some cases where a mismatch might make a difference. Generally, I think the tutorial shows […]

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