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Essential Addons free added Ninja Tables integration for its Advanced Data Table and the pro version added Google Sheets and TablePress integration.  They have been working to make it easy to import data from your tables and display it using one of several styles.  Looking at the demos, this would be a ideal for making feature comparison grids.

The Pro version of Happy Addons got a nice upgrade with the addition of Line Chart, Pie & Doughnut Chart, Radar Chart, and Polar Area Chart widgets.  These charts and graphs are attractive and come with a number of style and design options.

Happy Addons has also added Dynamic Tag support for a large number of their widgets.  Dynamic Tags allow you to pull values from the database, either standard WordPress variables or values from Custom Post Types and custom fields.

Elementor recently added an Experts directory.  You can register as an expert or search for someone to help with your project.  You can filter experts by language, location, as well as by expertise, services and skills.  The lists of expertise, services, and skills may need to be refined, but the directory is still in beta.  To register as an expert you create a profile and list your best projects, tagging them to indicate your skills.  There are currently 448 experts.

The Experts directory was originally going to be a premium service available to Elementor users on the Expert plan.  Due to the impact of the Coronavirus the directory was launched as a beta and is currently offered free to all Elementor Pro customers.

Unlimited Elements has added a new Background Switcher widget. You drag it into a section or row and it gives you a set of columns. When you hover over a column the background for the row changes. This works well and provides a nice effect for content like services where for each service the background changes as appropriate.

With all the news about the new Theme Style feature you may have missed the 7th edition of the monthly template kit.  This one targets photographers with a dark, minimalist theme that emphasizes the images.  There are animations and effects to to draw the eye.  This is a full site kit with header, footer, home page, post, archive, about us, contact us, 404, and project pages.

PowerPack Elements just added a new Categories widget that lets you display content by category.  This is a twist on the usual Posts widget in that you start with categories and taxonomies.  You can display them in a regular “classic” layout, a cover style or as accordion lists.

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