create pdfs from elementor pro forms using dynamic ooo
Websites often need to generate a PDF. For example, ecommerce stores need to provide a downloadable receipt or online courses need to offer a course completion certificate. had an option to create a PDF from an Elementor Pro form…
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Crocoblock JetThemeCores New Theme Builder
Here I’m looking at the new theme builder functionality that was recently released in Crocoblock’s JetThemeCore. It used to only work with their Kava theme, but the new version now also works with popular page builder friendly themes and is…
Read More Crocoblock JetThemeCores New Theme Builder discover tokens recently released a new Discover Tokens Elementor widget. This handy widget shows you a large number of examples of various token types that you can use with is a power tool, but sometimes finding the correct token…
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unlimited elements dynamic loop builder
The default Posts and Archive widgets that come with Elementor Pro are fine, if you just want ordinary, but they are limited if you want to do anything special.  For example, suppose you want to show a custom field in…
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elementor powers 6 8 percent of all websites
Did you know Elementor is used on 6.8% of websites? Near the end of each year Matt Mullenweg gives a “State of the Word” address where he talks about the achievements of the past year and plans for the future….
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astra joins the global colors club
Elementor Website Have More Than One Editor Elementor websites have three editors and they each have a color palette. Color Palette in the Customizer You edit theme settings in the Customizer. Here is the color palette from the Customizer in…
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