Latest Elementor News

Elementor 3.4 Pro brought some nice WooCommerce features such as new cart options and Dynamic WooCommerce tags.

Elementor Core 3.4 brought custom breakpoints so you can go beyond the mobile, tablet, and desktop options. Few builders have this level of flexibility. Kudos to the Elementor team for bringing this great feature.

OceanWP 3 was a major code refactoring, moving to vanilla JavaScript, object oriented code, and fewer dependencies.  This brings a nice speed increase to this popular theme, known for its good extensive features in the free version and WooCommerce support.  This release came with 20 new demos to help users quickly get started with their site builds.

Neve is one of only three themes that support global color palettes in the Customizer, Gutenberg and Elementor.  You can read about that hereVersion 3 was just released with new performance options and you can also give users the option to change the site’s color palette.  

HappyAddons Free 3.1 and Pro 2.1 have added support for PHP 8 as well as the ability to disable some features if you don’t intend to use them.

The 2.0 version of HappyAddons Pro saw a new One-Page Navigation widget and an Off-Canvas widget.  HappyAddons also added a panel where you can enter your keys / credentials for the Advanced Table widget and the Facebook and Instagram Feed widgets.  There were also a large number of enhancements to existing features.

The free version of HappyAddons 3.0 got a number of enhancements and three new features.  There is a new Stack Group widget and an Image Accordion widget.  The free version also got a new Tooltip feature.

Version 2.27 of the free version of HappyAddons added a new Content Switcher widget.  This makes it easy to use a toggle to switch between content, such as in a pricing grid.  The demo page has pricing, team, and restaurant menu examples.