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Regular Updates and New Features from HappyAddons

June 6, 2022

HappyAddons is one of the Elementor addons that consistently offers regular updates and new features.  Let's take a look:

  • HappyAddons Free version 3.3.1 added a PDF Viewer Widget.
  • HappyAddons Free version 3.4.1 added a new Comparison Table Widget.
  • HappyAddons Free version 3.5.2 added a new Photo Stack Widget.
  • HappyAddons Pro version 2.2.4 added a new Advanced Google Maps widget. It is highly customizable and supports Polyline, Polygon, and Routes map types.
  • HappyAddons Pro version 2.3.2 adds several widgets in support of Easy Digital Downloads: A Product Grid Widget, Product Carousel Widget, Single Product Widget, Category Grid Widget, and Category Carousel Widget.

Ultimate Addons New Social Media Widgets

June 6, 2022
The 1.36.0 update to Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a big release.  They added social media widgets for Twitter and Instagram, which were two of the major feature requests from users.  This version also came with new article schema support for better SEO.

The Astra Theme Supports PHP 8.0

June 6, 2022
There is no question that PHP 8 provides a nice performance boost.  However, themes and plugins have been slow to officially support it.  That's why it is good news that with version 3.6.6 Astra, the most widely used theme, officially supports PHP 8.0.

New NexterWP Theme

December 2, 2021
The same team that creates the Plus Addons recently released the first version of their NexterWP Theme. Nexter can be used with their Elementor add or their new Gutenberg plugin for creating content templates. This is another take on a theme builder. At this point is limited, but I am curious to see how this shapes up as it is developed further.

The Plus Addons for Elementor Adds AJAX Filters

December 2, 2021
The Plus Addons for Elementor is one of the most comprehensive addons and comes with more than 120 widgets and a number of additional builders and extras. The recent release added 15 AJAX filters for use with WooCommerce, Posts, or Custom Post Types. It has added an advanced AJAX Search Bar. A Coupon Code widget and a Syntax Highlighter widget were also included.

Elementor Working on New Flexible Container

December 2, 2021
The Elementor development team is also working on a new Flexible Container option which will be an alternative to the existing section / row / column. This will be a full Flexbox implementation that will be more performant, but might take a bit of training to learn to use. It is slated to arrive in Elementor 3.6 core.
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