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The Elementor team released the 17th Template Kit installment, this one for a beauty salon. The kit features a pale pink, black and white color scheme that is bold and works well. A nice thing about these kits is that they are available in the Elementor library, from within the editor.

You can now use JetEngine to create Post Listings and JetSmart filters work with them, in Gutenberg. Seven blocks are added to the Gutenberg editor. It is exciting to see the Crocoblock team make their tools available in the post editor.

The Developer Editor of Elementor includes experimental features and changes that may or may not be included in the next version of Elementor. When you have the Developer Edition installed, there is an extra tab on the Elementor Settings Menu for Experiments. There it lists the experiments and you can enable them individually. This is an interesting way to see what the Elementor team has been working on.

Elementor Cloud beta is available initially as a single website only option. You get a site with WordPress and Elementor Pro preinstalled. There are usage limits and this is a locked-down experience for users who want to focus on their site and not hosting.  There are no email accounts, though there a limited number of transactional emails are allowed. Daily backups are taken. The FAQs say that support is available for questions large or small. The cost is $19.90 per month.

The Dynamic Content for Elementor plugin added three new widgets.  There is now a Dynamic Cookie widget that lets you set or unset a cookie.  Cookies are a good tool for keeping track of users and variables and are a way to add application-like features to Elementor websites.  The second new widget is an Animated Off-Canvas Menu.  The off-canvas menu is full-screen and slides onto the screen with a panel on the left and the menu on the right side.  The third new widget provides support for the third-party Search and Filter plugin.  Search and Filter is a popular option for providing on-screen search filters.

Continuing with the pace of adding new features, Happy Addons Pro got three new features.  A new Modal popup and an Advanced Data Table widgets were added.  Happy Addons also got a Particle Effects extension.

JetSmartFilters has added a new filter type, a Date Range filter, to the plugin, bringing the total to 9 filter types.  I imagine that interest in this plugin will grow now that it is usable in Gutenberg.

The latest version of Happy Addons free has added a new Equal Heights extension that sets the widgets in a section to be of equal height.  This is a nice and easy to use feature, but note that it does not horizontally align the contents within the section widgets.

The pro version of Unlimited Elements got 8 new navigation widgets added.  They work with the WordPress core menu features.  The widgets include a Side Menu, a Liquid Full Screen Menu, a Full Screen Navigation Menu, a Simple List Menu, an Icon Mobile Menu, a Bullet One Page Scroll Navigation menu, an Icon One Page Scroll Navigation menu, and an Animated Hamburger Icon.  I found the Icon One Page Scroll Navigation to be very attractive for a one page site.

ThemeIsle’s page builder friendly Neve theme version 2.9 was released with several new features.  The big feature is the new global color palette.  You can choose between a light and a dark color palette or create your own and apply it sitewide.  All of the color settings in the Customizer are applied sitewide and also carried over into the Gutenberg editor.  Neve also carries the palette into the Elementor editor making it the second theme to close the loop and make global colors truly global.  The new Neve WooCommerce extension also added two new WooCommerce checkout layouts.  ThemeIsle also upgraded the template library so that its cloud now allows users with the Agency license to upload their own templates for use on other sites.

Happy Addons recently expanded it’s template library and released 34 new unique page templates.   There were fourteen templates added for the free plugin and 20 page templates added for the pro version.

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