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To celebrate its 4th birthday, Elementor is having a sale of up to 20% off.

The recent update to the Page Builder Framework theme has made working with the Customizer up to 100% faster as many of the setting changes now show in real time.  The theme is already known for being light-weight and fast, but also made some additional speed improvements on the front-end.

The Element Pack Pro team has released version 5 of their Elementor addon.  It includes live copy and paste, and several new widgets: honeycomb layout, step-flow, featured box, and Everest form.  They have also expanded the template library to include more than 1,500 items.

Essential Addons released version 4 of their popular addon for Elementor.  It includes an advanced WooCommerce Checkout Element with Split & Multi Steps layout options.  There is also an integration with Typeform for including Typeforms on the page using Elementor.

The PremiumAddons for Elementor team has added extensive support for Lottie Animations.  You can use Lottie Animations to sections as backgrounds and they have extended a number of the free and premium version widgets to allow Lottie Animations to be used anywhere an image can be used.  This is an easy way to add fun and engaging effects.

Elementor360 is currently running a drawing to promote our newsletter.  Five winners will be chosen to win a license of the Dynamic Content for Elementor addon.  The Dynamic Content for Elementor addon has a lot of unique and useful functionality.  Two lifetime pro and three annual pro licenses are being given away.  You can enter even if you already have signed up for the newsletter.  Please share the giveaway with your Elementor friends.

I continue to discover new features in the Dynamic Content for Elementor addon. The Views widget acts as a sort of repeater to list content and includes some extra features, such as the ability to enable user filters. It has a number of potential uses and could be a go-to option for displaying content from multiple posts.

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