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The professional version of the Katka Templates for Elementor is now on sale for $49.  These include page, popup, and block templates.

Unlimited Elements has added a new Background Switcher widget. You drag it into a section or row and it gives you a set of columns. When you hover over a column the background for the row changes. This works well and provides a nice effect for content like services where for each service the background changes as appropriate.

With all the news about the new Theme Style feature you may have missed the 7th edition of the monthly template kit.  This one targets photographers with a dark, minimalist theme that emphasizes the images.  There are animations and effects to to draw the eye.  This is a full site kit with header, footer, home page, post, archive, about us, contact us, 404, and project pages.

PowerPack Elements just added a new Categories widget that lets you display content by category.  This is a twist on the usual Posts widget in that you start with categories and taxonomies.  You can display them in a regular “classic” layout, a cover style or as accordion lists.

The Astra team has released version 2 of their Starter Templates plugin.  Previously this was called Astra Starter Sites.  This is the first template package available that is compatible with Elementor’s new Theme Style feature.  Many of the templates are part of a site kit and there may be 4-6 page templates with the same style.  You can now import the kit or individual pages.  The plugin also now includes the ability to import imagines into the post editor from Pixalbay.  There is a free version and a premium version that includes more templates.  The premium version is included with the mini or full Astra Agency package.

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