elementor powers 6 8 percent of all websites

Elementor Powers 6.8 Percent of All Websites

Did you know Elementor is used on 6.8% of websites? Near the end of each year Matt Mullenweg gives a “State of the Word” address where he talks about the achievements of the past year and plans for the future. Now WordPress is used by 43.1% of the web, according to W3Techs, an increase from 39.1% last year.

matt state of the word

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A Look At Elementor Stats and Growth

That is awesome progress for WordPress. Did you know that there is another story related to the growth of WordPress, and it involves Elementor?

elementor banner pixel perfect

We all know that Elementor is wildly popular, but did you know that Elementor is used by 6.8% of all sites of the web? Wait, what? That’s right. WordPress is used by 43.1% of all sites and Elementor by 6.8% of all sites.

elementor 6 8 percent

Here are some stats from W3Tech from December 18th of 2021. There are more Elementor websites than Shopify, Joomla, Squarespace, or Wix sites.

more elementor sites than shopify sites

Yoast took a look at Elementor’s growth in relation to the growth of WordPress and found that a very large proportion of new WordPress sites are being built with Elementor.

wordpress v elementor growth

If we look at the W3Techs data for Elementor, we find that Elementor growth has almost doubled. Wow.

elementor growth last eleven months


It is easy for new users to get started with Elementor. Also, Elementor Pro, along with the many third party extensions available, empower advanced users to create a wide range of advanced almost application-like websites. The ease of use, combined with the pro and third party power-ups, has made Elementor extremely popular and is a major contributor to the success of WordPress. We sometimes hear on Facebook and other places that people are moving away from Elementor, but these stats show that Elementor is continuing to grow at a record pace.

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December 20, 2021 6:31 pm

There is some anecdotal evidence that the huge growth at Elementor has burdened their support service ….. which may be a big factor behind their motivation to re-structure of their pricing/plan model about a year ago ….. i know from my own personal experience aprox. 2 weeks ago, that i found the support person handling my initial inquiry very unknowledgeable – almost like they were barley I.T. literate – ie; outsourced to the cheapest workers available