Issue 10

Elementor 2.8 New Features

Elementor 2.8 adds a dark mode for the editor, a brand new color picker, and improved responsive editing functionality.  The new color palette allows you to add, remove, and rearrange colors making the color palette very flexible.  The responsive editing…

Elementor Adds Travel Template Kit

The Elementor team added its 5th template kit.  These template kits are full site designs. This kit has a travel theme.  It comes with 15 pre-designed pages and elements, such as header and footer.  Response to this kit has been…

PowerPack Elements Adds Background Effects

PowerPack Elements adds some cool background effects that include flying birds, fog, waves, line particles, dots, stars, net, bubble, and appropriate to the season, snow animations.  A small amount of animation can catch the reader’s attention.

Ultimate Addons Security Update

The Ultimate Addons plugin had a bad security issue that would allow someone to login without a password.  It was fixed in version 1.20.1.  Users should update immediately.