Crocoblock Changes Offering and Pricing Structure

Crocoblock recently changed their offering structure to divide their 18 plugins into three sets: design, e-commerce, and dynamic. The idea is that each set targets a different core use.  The design set includes the plugins related to theming, design, and regular widgets.  The e-commerce set focuses on tools related to WooCommerce and building store pages.  The dynamic set focuses on the plugins for working with dynamic data.  There is overlap in the sets.  Each one has 10 plugins (of the overall 18).  There is also an “all inclusive” set that has everything.  The All Inclusive package has extra templates, including “Dynamic Templates” which presumably are tied to JetEngine features.

The pricing changes now offer a single site price and an unlimited sites price.  The blog post about the change explains that the prices have increased to reflect the value of the offerings and to support future development.  There is no argument that the number of included plugins has grown tremendously and the Crocoblock suite is the most feature rich Elementor offering.  The higher price tags, however, will impact solo site builders and small shops that rely on Crocoblock’s features.  Those who purchased the lifetime deal in the early days are feeling smug, while other users are perhaps experiencing whiplash.