Crocoblock – New JetStyleManager Plugin

If you are a Crocoblock user then you are the owner of an plugin suite that just keeps giving. They introduced a new JetStyleManager plugin. It adds new “Editor Load Levels” settings of None, Low, Medium, Advanced, and Full. The settings apply to most of the Crocoblock widgets. As you ratchet down the load level, the number of options in the Elementor editor’s widget options panels declines. They say that can greatly increase editor speed. It is also a way to limit the options for clients after a site design is completed. When you have the new JetStyleManager plugin active then you also get new items added to an element’s right click menu. Style that button the way you want it and then right click on it and “Save as Skin” to apply a skin name and save the design for recall on the next button. If you set the Editor Load Levels to “None” then the next time you add a button and right click on it, you can apply the skin you previously saved. I put in a feature request asking them to allow users to apply a skin no matter the Editor Load Level. I hope that is implemented as it would give us some “global style” options.