Dynamic Content for Elementor Just Released Dynamic Posts v2

A new version of Dynamic Content for Elementor was just released with the Dynamic Posts v2 widget.  Don’t think of this as just a “widget”.  It provides very flexible and power ways to display posts, pages, and Custom Post Types.  To start with, there are five source options:  post type, dynamic depending on context, based on relationships such as ACF relationships, based on the post or page parent, and manually selected posts.  You can then use any of a number of “skins” to create your layout.  Skins include grid, grid to full screen 3D, carousel, 3D, Crossroads slideshow, timeline, and dual carousel.  After you pick your layout skin then you can select and order the elements to include, such as all of the standards for post lists as well as ACF custom fields.  All of the sections can be then be styled.