Elementor 2.9 Beta with Global Theme Styles, Improved Lightbox Functionality, and Custom Link Attributes

The highlight of the new Elementor beta is the introduction of global Theme Styles.  This is a feature that users have requested for a long time and it finally lands.  Elementor already has the option for fonts and colors, but themes typically add styling for a number of common elements such as forms, buttons, images, and other elements. You can now set these styles in Elementor and remove the reliance on the theme and the Customizer.

The beta also sees the extension of the Lightbox feature. Lightboxes will be able to have titles, description, zoom, share, and full screen mode, along with more styling options.   Another set of featured added to the beta relate to links.  We will have the ability to set any allowed link target (not just open in a new tab), set the title attribute, and document relation settings using the “rel” attribute used for search engines.

Global Theme Styles is something that I was expecting for Elementor 3.  This makes me wonder what large feature the team will add for version 3?