Elementor 3.0 News

The Elementor team has released a beta and developer notes for Elementor 3.0.  There is a lot of news.   Elementor is continuing its move to global styles.  They are extending existing options to add named colors and typography settings and they are integrating some of the basic WordPress theme settings options into the Elementor editor.  It will be interesting to see how “global” we get, as up to now the style settings have only applied within Elementor itself.

The Elementor team is also responding to suggestions that the number of DIV wrapper elements in the code output be lessened so that the HTML source code can be more performant.  This will be a welcome improvement.  They are also dropping support for Internet Explorer 11.

One thing to note is that currently the old templates that are included with Elementor don’t take advantage of these new enhancements.  How that will work still remains to be seen.

This is the first wave of changes coming to Elementor.  More news is expected in a few weeks.