match elementor and astra settings
Update 8/3/2021 – Here is the current information: -Astra Breakpoints (version 3.6.7):max-width: 599pxmin-width: 600px and max-width: 781pxmin-width: 782pxmax-width: 992pxmax-width: 1120pxabove 1120px -Elementor breakpoints (version 3.3.1):below 768px mobile768px to below 1025px tablet1025px and above desktop So I tried this and it…
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Custom Fields In Elementor Archive
This tutorial is for people who need to include custom fields in an Elementor Pro archive template.  Elementor does not have the ability to include custom fields in an archive template, but we can use a free plugin, Elementor Custom…
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