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JetEngine 2.7.4 Adds Glossary Feature

The Crocoblock team has added a new glossary feature to the JetEngine plugin.  A glossary is a list of label / value pairs that you can use multiple times to populate select boxes, check box lists, and radio button lists. …

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Crocoblock Adds Gutenberg Support

You can now use JetEngine to create Post Listings and JetSmart filters work with them, in Gutenberg. Seven blocks are added to the Gutenberg editor. It is exciting to see the Crocoblock team make their tools available in the post…

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Crocoblock Updates

In addition to regular fixes and tweaks, the Crocoblock JetElements plugin saw the addition of a Line Chart widget and support for native lazy loading of images.  JetEngine received a number of small improvements, including the ability to use dynamic…

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Crocoblock Continues Suite Updates

The Crocoblock team continues rolling out updates across the suite, but with a lot of attention on JetEngine, which popped past version 2.5.   JetEngine is their plugin for creating Custom Post Types and custom fields.  They added a Custom Content…

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JetBooking Update

JetBooking 2.1, part of the Crocoblock suite, got a nice update that provides more features when working with bookings as well as greater WooCommerce integration. There is now the ability to set property rates based on length of stay and…

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Crocoblock JetEngine 2.3

The Crocoblock team released version 2.3 of JetEngine, which adds a number of new features.  There is now a “Dynamic Function” tag that can be used with a custom field to automatically get the sum, average or the minimum /…

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