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Elementor Core 3.4 Big New Feature

Elementor Core 3.4 brought custom breakpoints so you can go beyond the mobile, tablet, and desktop options. Few builders have this level of flexibility. Kudos to the Elementor team for bringing this great feature.

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New Features in Elementor 3.2 Pro Released

The pro version of Elementor 3.2 had some nice enhancements.  It is now possible to save your form builder submissions into the database and review them.  They also added the ability to collect payments using a new PayPal button.  There…

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Elementor 3.2 Beta Enhancements

There are several enhancements now being tested in the free version of Elementor.  There are performance improvements including optimization of assets loaded on the front-end of the site, removing some HTML elements to reduce the size of the page output,…

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Elementor Announces New Pricing Plans

Elementor announced new pricing plans that go into effect on March 9th. If you already have an active subscription then nothing changes. However, for new purchasers, the current 1,000 site plan at $199 changes to only be 25 sites. They…

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Elementor 3.1 Changes

There are several interesting changes signaled with the release of Elementor 3.1.  First, the Elementor team continued their performance initiative by removing more DIVs from the rendered page.  That is good news for people who are concerned that the front-end…

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