Elementor 3.2 Beta Enhancements

There are several enhancements now being tested in the free version of Elementor.  There are performance improvements including optimization of assets loaded on the front-end of the site, removing some HTML elements to reduce the size of the page output, and optimization of the icon library.  Version 3.2 also has a new Text Path widget, […]

Elementor 3.1 Changes

There are several interesting changes signaled with the release of Elementor 3.1.  First, the Elementor team continued their performance initiative by removing more DIVs from the rendered page.  That is good news for people who are concerned that the front-end page is too heavy and slow.  This version also introduced the notion of “experiments” which […]

Elementor Template Kit 17

The Elementor team released the 17th Template Kit installment, this one for a beauty salon. The kit features a pale pink, black and white color scheme that is bold and works well. A nice thing about these kits is that they are available in the Elementor library, from within the editor.

Elementor Developer Edition

The Developer Editor of Elementor includes experimental features and changes that may or may not be included in the next version of Elementor. When you have the Developer Edition installed, there is an extra tab on the Elementor Settings Menu for Experiments. There it lists the experiments and you can enable them individually. This is […]

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