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HappyAddons Adds Local Live Copy Feature

For a while now the HappyAddons website has had a “live copy” feature that allows HappyAddons users to copy templates from their website to yours.  A recent update of HappyAddons now make that feature available to be used from your…

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HappyAddons Now Offers Image Masking

The premium version of HappyAddons now has an image masking option available for several of their widget: the image, image box, card, info box, promo box, and team widgets.  The image mask allows you to display your images as custom…

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HappyAddons Adds New Promo Box Widget

HappyAddons added a new premium widget to their plugin, the Promo Box.  This widget seems to lend itself to products or services that you want to highlight.  The content features support dynamic data, so you can use it in your…

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