PowerPack Adds Coupon Widget

PowerPack’s new coupon widget uses a card format, with image, to help you promote coupons and special offers.  It has a number of features for different types of offers and links.  Multiple coupons can be shown in a  grid or carousel.  There are a fair number of styling options.

PowerPack Adds New How-To Schema Markup Widget

PowerPack has added a new widget that allows you to create structured how to articles.  You can add a title, summary, featured image, tools/requirements, cost, time, and multiple steps.  Of course, you can add your own how-to content without using this widget, but the advantage is that the output is structured for Google to pickup […]

PowerPack Adds Conditional Logic Extension

Elementor doesn’t natively support conditionals. PowerPack for Elementor just released a new Conditional extension to fill in the gaps. It can be activated on existing widgets and adds a large number of variable conditions. These include visitor browser, operating system, logged-in and role, content type and page, as well as date and time. It could […]

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