Page Builder Framework Theme Adds Global and Linked Color Options

The pro version of the Page Builder Framework theme now includes linked color options.  This means you can update in the Customizer in a central place and other places in the Customizer where that color is used will get updated as well.  Also added is a global color palette which can be set in theme […]

Crocoblock Changes Offering and Pricing Structure

Crocoblock recently changed their offering structure to divide their 18 plugins into three sets: design, e-commerce, and dynamic. The idea is that each set targets a different core use.  The design set includes the plugins related to theming, design, and regular widgets.  The e-commerce set focuses on tools related to WooCommerce and building store pages.  […]

JetBooking Update

JetBooking 2.1, part of the Crocoblock suite, got a nice update that provides more features when working with bookings as well as greater WooCommerce integration. There is now the ability to set property rates based on length of stay and the ability for users to add bookings to their calendar.  There is now a booking availability […]

Elementor 3.0 News

The Elementor team has released a beta and developer notes for Elementor 3.0.  There is a lot of news.   Elementor is continuing its move to global styles.  They are extending existing options to add named colors and typography settings and they are integrating some of the basic WordPress theme settings options into the Elementor editor.  […]

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