oceanwp free theme with wildly enthusiastic fans

OceanWP – Free Theme with Wildly Enthusiastic Fans

The OceanWP theme is very popular. The theme itself is free and can be found in the WordPress directory.  It has more than 400,000 active installs and more than 2,440 5 star reviews. This free theme has a very large number of customization options, the most of any free theme. 

Video Summary

The Free OceanWP Theme

The OceanWP theme is very popular. The theme itself is free and can be found in the WordPress directory.  It has more than 400,000 active installs and more than 2,440 5 star reviews. It is a page builder friendly theme that has an Elementor focus.  This free theme has a very large number of customization options, the most of any free theme.  For example, here are some of the General Settings:

oceanwp customizer

OceanWP is fast loading and has built-in WooCommerce support. 

The theme is regularly updated and there is good support for the theme in the WordPress support forums.  There is documentation available on the product website.  

Free Ocean Extra Extension

There are a number of free extensions (plugins) available for OceanWP.  When you install the theme you are prompted to install the Ocean Extra plugin.  The WordPress directory guidelines mandate that themes cannot contain “plugin functionality,” but the Ocean Extra plugin is something that everyone will want to install as it adds 4 essential features. 

It adds settings to the post edit screen.  Each of those side tabs has a number of option settings.

ocean extra extension

It adds a number of extra widgets.  Remember, you can use WordPress widgets in Elementor.

ocean widgets

It adds a theme panel in the admin with several options.  There is the ability to enable or disable Customizer sections.

ocean theme panel

There is the ability to import demos.  These are pre-designed demo sites. There are 13 free demos. 

Here is a screenshot of the “Personal” demo:

ocean personal demo

Other Free OceanWP Extensions

Additional free extensions include “Stick Anything” to make page elements sticky, social sharing buttons, and custom sidebars.  The demo import extension is notable because it allows not just an import of “demo data,” but access to content for 13 pre-designed demo starter sites.  There are 8 free extensions in total.   OceanWP is NOT a theme that holds users hostage to purchasing a paid option, but instead pays it forward generously to the point where users are empowered to customize the look and feel of their site almost without limit.  

Premium Extensions

OceanWP has 21 extensions in total.  Thirteen of them are premium extensions that must be purchased.  The premium extensions can be purchased individually or in a bundle.  Individual extensions are available on an annual renewal basis but most people will want to purchase the extension bundle. The extensions bundle can be purchased as an annual subscription or as a lifetime package. The packages are based on the number of sites: 1, 3, or unlimited.  

Sticky Header and Sticky Footer are two of the paid extensions that users may be interested in.  There is also a cookie notice and a footer call-out extension.  A side panel extension is useful for slide out information.  Developers will be interested in the white label extension for controlling branding and the OceanWP hooks extension for adding code snippets for customization. The extension bundle also includes 60 pro demos.  

A major extension for Elementor users is the Elementor Widgets extension.  It includes 41 Elementor widgets and is basically an Elementor addon pack with the difference being that it requires the OcearnWP theme to work.  

oceanwp elementor extension

Purchase of the premium extensions comes with professional support from the OceanWP team.  I found that support turn-around was usually one business day and the support staff were friendly and helpful.  

User Feedback

There are so many Customizer options that finding the one you need can sometimes be confusing.  The organization of options doesn’t seem as logical as some other themes.  Of course, you eventually learn where things are, but if you are handing the site off then this could be difficult for new site owners.  Also, the pricing on the lifetime bundle is high, but many people are happy to support the developer and there are periodic sales that make it more affordable. 


OceanWP has a lot of wildly enthusiastic fans who appreciate all of the many features available for free.  It makes a perfect pairing with the free version of Elementor for those on a budget.  OceanWP has a very active and friendly Facebook group with more than 5,000 members.  OceanWP is recognized as one of the leading page builder friendly themes.  

Visit the OceanWP Website

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Sam Winton
Sam Winton
July 24, 2019 7:17 am

Nice review

Alex de Borba
Alex de Borba
July 24, 2019 9:54 am

Indeed, a very thoughtful review complemented with the video.

We definitely appreciate the time and effort you have put while organising this to publish, OceanWP however, will reconsider the way the Customiser options are approached in order to make it easier for its users to understand how it works and have a better notion of its capabilities.

Keep up with the great work.