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ElementsPlus! Review

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ElementsPlus! is a free Elementor addon from the CSSIgniter team. CSSIgniter is a longstanding theme shop known for create high quality niche themes and plugins. They have more than 80 themes and from early on added Elementor support.

Cssigniter Homepage

ElementsPlus! is their Elementor plugin that has about 30 widgets and extensions. The plugin is available for download from the WordPress plugin directory. It has more than 10,000 active installs and 20 5 star reviews.

Elementsplus On Wp Org Website

I have a test site setup with the CSSIgniter Spencer theme installed. I have Elementor core and ElementsPlus! installed.

Test Site With Spencer Theme Installed

When you install ElementsPlus! you get a new menu item under the main Elementor Admin menu. Here it lists all of the widgets and extensions. You can check a box to enable or disable them individually, which I think is a good feature. Some of the features require another plugin to be installed, such as forms plugins for styling a form in Elementor.

Elementsplus Admin Menu

Let’s take a look as some of the more interesting widgets and extensions. I created a new page and opened it in the Elementor editor.

Heading Plus! Widget

The Heading Plus! widget is a heading widget with three parts for text. You can style each part separately.

Heading Plus Content Settings
Heading Plus Style Settings

I gave each part a different background color. Here is the final result.

Heading Plus Final Result

Countdown Timer Widgets

ElementsPlus! has two countdown timer widgets. The first is the flip clock version, which shows the digits with a split flip card design.

Flipclock Plus

The second countdown time is the more traditional display.

Countdown Plus

They both have a message to display when done and style options for each element.

Search Plus!

ElementsPlus! comes with an AJAX search widget that is very nice. Here are the Content settings and Style settings.

Search Plus Content Settings
Search Plus Style Settings

Here is an example. There is no page submit as it is AJAX.

Search Plus Example

Sticky Video Plus!

Sticky Video Plus! is an extension to the Elementor video widget. After you add a video widget to the page then there is a toggle for the sticky video settings. The settings allow you to place the video on the right or left and set the offset from the side and bottom.

Sticky Video Settings

Then when you scroll down the page the video moves to the side and bottom of the page.

Sticky Video Example

Audioigniter Plus!

CSSigniter has a plugin called Audioigniter that is a music player. It has both a pro and a free version. The Elements Plus! addon includes a widget for adding the player to an Elementor page.

You start by first creating a playlist in the WordPress admin. Here I’ve created a playlist for the musician Trombone Shorty. Under the list of tracks on that page there are settings to customize the player.

Audioigniter Playlist In The WordPress Admin

Then in the Elementor page I added the Audioigniter Plus! widget. There is a dropdown in the widget settings to pick the playlist. Even though customization settings were made in the WordPress admin, you can override some of the player customizations in Elementor.

Audioigniter Settings In Elementor

Hover Image Effects Plus

The Hover Image Effects Plus widget is pretty cool. You select two images and a hover effect from a list of 17 options. When the user hovers over the image there is an animation, such as a ripple effect, as the image switches from one to the other.

Hover Image Effects Plus

Content Toggle Plus!

The content toggle widget lets you define the content for two panels and switch between them. You can use the text widget or use a template.

Content Toggle Plus 1
Content Toggle Plus 2

Button Plus!

The Button Plus widget is a two line button where you can enter text for each line. You can style the button and each line of text separately. Here I’ve styled the second line to be italic, underlined, and smaller text.

Edit Button Plus Content
Edit Button Plus Style

Hotspots Plus Widget

The Hotspots Plus widget is an image hotspot widget. These allow you to add text or a market over an image and the user can then hover or click on them for more information. You place the markers using sliders for the horizontal and vertical position. There is an option for a tooltip. You can manually add a link into the tooltip using the “Text” tab of the classic-style editor. Here are the settings for a hotspot item.

Hotspots Plus Settings

And here are image of the frontend and of a tooltip.

Image Hot Spot Example
Image Hot Spot Tooltip

Something to point out is that there are limited styling settings if, for example, you wanted to add padding to the tooltip title.

Conclusions and Discussion

The ElementsPlus! addon has some very nice features:

  • The AJAX search works well and is full featured
  • The Sticky Video extension to the Elementor video widget is nice
  • I really liked the AudioIgnitier widget which would be good for a band or music site
  • The Hover Image transition effect widget was attractive
  • The Flipclock widget was a different take on a common widget
  • The ability to enable or disable features in the admin is a sign of a good widget, helps to keep resources being loaded to those that are needed, and helps to keep the Elementor widget list under control.

The one possible issue is that some of the widgets don’t have a lot of layout and styling options. It seems to be the philosophy to try and keep the settings to a minimum to make it easy for the user, but the result is there may be times when you need to add some CSS of your own.

Overall, I found the ElementsPlus! addon to be a good one with nice features. Also, it is created by a team with a good reputation.

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